Batra Group


  • We are humble in our approach to doing business
  • We admit our mistakes and learn from them
  • We listen and are eager to learn


  • We demand excellence in all aspects of our business
  • We help our people succeed by providing them support and feedback
  • We build teams that collaborate and contribute to our success


  • We have a commitment to doing business with strong corporate governance and openness
  • We work accross all organisational boundaries and strive to break down internal barriers
  • We accept our accountability for our own actions and results


  • We are proud of our history and our brands
  • We serve our customers with creative and innovative ideas and solutions
  • We display our passion through the quality of our products and services

Family Ethics

  • We aggressively promote and protect our way of doing business
  • Every member of the group is not just an employee, they are family
  • We show respect and value every member of our group and pride ourselves in our diversity